Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Weeks 18 & 19

Nothing much to report! I am feeling pretty good. The headaches are a bit much, but what can I do? I just deal with it!

I am getting larger. A bit annoyed with myself for not being able to lose weight BEFORE getting knockered up, as I have cheated myself out being able to really watch my belly grow. I do not look pregnant, which makes me very sad. *sigh*

Last night as I was sitting on the couch, this baby started doing somersaults or something. It was wild...I watched the hump form in the center of my abdomen, and then it evened out again. It did this a few times, and was the oddest feeling. Odd, yet exciting. :O)

This whole thing is still so surreal to me. I am going to be someones Mom..good LORD, help me. LOL!!

Our next ultrasound is the 29th. As for my 3 hour sugar test, I am holding off, because they are going to make me do it again later on. I KNOW I have a sugar problem, which is why I don't eat it. The 3 hour is guaranteed to give me a major sugar crash, in which I will get a nasty headache, I will get sickly feeling, and I do not like driving like that. So, as long as the u/s does not show any warning signs, I am going to wait until they normally do it. I am following a diabetic diet as it is (with the occasional pizza or ice cream, but I seriously limit it), and I have only gained ONE pound. ONE. (Lets not forget that I lost 10 by the beginning of my second trimester..) I am extremely pleased at that.

And well, that is about it!

Not knowing your original size I may be wrong about this, but I'm sure you'll eventually be able to tell you're pregnant. Some people could barely tell I was pregnant at the point you're at now. It does get exciting once you've got the protruding belly though.
hey jen thats awesome about the weight gain. i also follow a diabetic(hypoglycemic) meal plan.I HATE THE WORD DIET. i do cheat about once a week. but its not so bad. hardest part was getting used to the very small protein portions.
I hate the word KNOCKERED up. You didn't get knocked up, you planned and chose to get pregnant and start a family.
Knocked up is so cheap, Jen.
CONGRATS!!!! Im so so happy for you and Todd.. I agree with Stellina You arent knocked up, you both wanted a family and now you have the perfect one!!!
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