Friday, March 10, 2006

Week 17

I come here and read my own words, and I sit here in disbelief that this is MY pregnancy journal.

I am not quite sure why I can't wrap my head around it all. I have always liked kids, and to be honest I never saw myself with any. I am too selfish and not above admitting that.

However, after Todd and I got married, something was missing. And this is that something. He never wanted kids either. And now, both of us are in such awe over the whole thing that it sometimes seems to border the unbelievable.

My bump is getting larger, wider...its like I have a football in there. My abdomen is much harder, and I am VERY aware of it now. There have been times where the baby has moved from one side of my ute to the other, and it is an odd sensation. There have been times where I thought I felt other movement, but to be honest I am just not sure if it was the baby or not.

Last night, while watching some Eddie Izzard and just about peeing my pants, I felt it. There is NO doubt as to what it was this time. And I was floored.


We got some packages in the mail today, one from our friend Stacey, and one from my Nana R. She is a family friend that I hold dear, and even though we are of no relation, I have always referred to her as my Nana. She called me the other day wanting to know how her great-grandbaby is doing... awww. It made my day to hear from her.

I will post pics of the baby loot tomorrow!

**Note to self**
Get thank you cards tomorrow!! DO NOT SLACK ON THE THANK YOU CARDS.

I need to remind myself not to slack on the thank you cards as well. You'll get so much stuff when you have your showers that you won't know what to do with hit all.
When do you get the 3 hour glute test?
When is your next appointment so we can find out if we are having a girl or a boy?
Yeah... WE!! LOL
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