Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Week 16

I had another Doc appointment today. They wanted me to have an early glucose test. Do they make that stuff in any flavor other than orange? Gross.

I also had the AFP screening done today as well. I have not gained any weight, and the Doc said that is good, that she really only wants me to gain 'baby' weight and not weight weight...which was my plan anyway.

She then broke out the doppler, and of course could not get the heartbeat. After I had my blood drawn for the glucose test, they whisked me into the room for another ultrasound. weee!

I was floored at how much bigger it was. I CLEARLY saw feet and hands today, and leg bones and arm bones and the spine, and the little baby butt...then I saw it. OR what I thought was IT.

Me: Um, that is NOT a penis, is it??
Her: HAHAA! Lord no, thats the umbilical cord!!
Me: Whew!! Thank God! I don't think I would be able to give birth otherwise!!

We had a good chuckle, then she told me that knowing gender today was just not to be, as the umbilical cord was in the way and the baby was all scrunched up... I was a tad disappointed, but just happy to see the baby moving around and looking like, well, a baby!!

The heartbeat was good and strong at 152 bpm. It was moving around a bit, but nothing like the last time. I hate referring to it as IT. Argh. I have another ultrasound on 3/29. Hopefully we can determine gender at that time. I STILL think its a girl, so does hubby. We shall see.

I hope I pass the glucose test. I SHOULD, but who knows.

I am really liking my doctors and the staff. They are really great. My friend Heather referred me to them and I am glad that I went with them.

And now...behold the spawn....

For those that see nothing when they look at these, that is the head and face on the right there, and the baby has its arm up over its head...and uh..that is the body just below the head (duh!!) !

I hope your glucose test results are better than mine :).
It's a baby!!!!

And yes, it does come in flavors other than orange, btw. I failed my short test both times, so I've had four (always passed my 3-hour). You can also get lemon-lime and cola. The orange made me so violently ill with N that I had to start over and to this day will still not drink an orange soda. I could somewhat tolerate the lemon-lime with both of them and always requested it.

I got a good chuckle over "no, that's the umbilical cord". ;-p Although N's looked like a kick-stand almost. Tee hee.
Good luck on the glucose test. Looks like you are making great progress. Back in my day (I know you hate that:-P) they guessed the sex by the heart rate. High numbers meant girls. It was correct for me.
That heartbeat test didn't work for me. When I had my daughter 150bpm was not very fast, (so i thought) but I still had a girl.

I had the gut feeling I was having a boy when I first got pregnant...then about 3/4 of the way to my first ultrasound I changed my 'gut' feeling to a girl....and low and behold, it was a girl.

Good luck on your test, I cannot remember how nasty that tasted, but just think of how worth it it is....

Besides, when you're in labor, you'll wish it was that easy...
I kinda liked the drink. lol
Like Robyn, I "failed" both times too. I was one over with Sydni and right on the cutoff with Davis. I think it's 200. Anyhow, the long test always turned out okay. I think they should just give everyone that in the first place.
Hope you pass the test! Congrats on everything going well with baby. Not too much longer to see if boy/girl. Take care.
I had 2 of those tests. 2 kids 2 tests. One was orange, the other was like coke.
And that is one of the most beautiful babies I have seen in a long time! ;)
you know, it's weird. i didn't have to take that test with justin, but did with ryan. i kinda liked it too, lol! i passed the short test, though i seriously didn't think my 324326534 pound self ever would.

cracking up about the umbilical cord! reminds me of one of the times i went in for an ultrasound with justin. my grandmother went with me and while we were sitting there looking at the screen, she screamed out, "look at all of those teeth!!"

it was his spine. ;)
ROFL at Bek. That's hysterical!!!
lmao bek. i forgot all about that!
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