Monday, March 06, 2006


*insert Fred Flintstone-type cursing here*

I failed the glucose test. Next stop - 3 hour test. That I BETTER pass, dammit.

I can feel the baby move regularly now. I sometimes feel flutters, but it is usually moving from one side to the other. My bump moves from side to side. It is sorta cute. :O)

Belly pic - week 17. I was laying down. I had been taking a nap, and I dreamt that I went the whole pregnancy with no belly pics because I am overweight. It made me get over myself. I reached up and grabbed my camera and snapped a pic..

Sorry about the was dark so the flash went off and I had the camera pretty close!!

I have a bump!!

I still cannot believe there is a baby in there..hah.

You know, you really don't look overweight in this pic at all. Keep taking those belly shots!

I'm surprised they did your glucose test so early; I've never heard of them doing one at 17 weeks. If I can live through the three hour test, you can too :).
I am so glad you finally broke down and decided to take a pic...and even more glad you shared....

Chas is right, you barely look pregnant, let alone 'overweight".

It is VERY cute, your belly...keep taking pics. You may not want to share them with the world at one point, but you will not regret having them at least for yourselves. :)
Eeeeee...a bump! The last time we saw each other, you weren't even pregnant!!! (Must fix that next week...) I had to do the 3-hour with both boys. DEMAND they put you in a recliner in the back of the lab. You'll have to ask. But it's just too hard on the back to sit in those stupid waiting room chairs otherwise.
i agree with Robyn we NEED to fix this next week... I had to do the 3 hour test 2 times and u need to be relaxed when doing it... I told u that u werent over weight... u look great!!!
Awwww, you look great. Your bump is very cute, and you don't look like you are overweight at all.
Good luck with the 3 hr test, i hope you pass it. Take care.
you guys had to wait at the hospital for your 3 hour test? I was allowed to leave, but had to come back.
it's a baby bump!

i love your bump, your bump, your lovely ba-by bump...check it out...

(did i sound at all like fergie?)

you look great, momma!!
Yay! It's a baby!
You look great!
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