Saturday, February 25, 2006

Week 15 - the skinny....

So, my 15th week has gone by with ease. I have experienced some muscle cramps in my hips, and I am very well aware of the ligament stretching that is going on. Oy.

The baby moved the other day in a BIG way. I had gotten a cramp, and had twisted myself around to get out of bed in a hurry. I felt the baby move, all the way over to the right. It was SO odd. I had this huge lump there where it was. After a few minutes, it went back to where it had previously been. I have to wonder if it was my fast movements that pissed it off, or if the muscle spasm was that deep, and disturbed my uterus. It hurt like a mofo, man. It hurt to walk for two days after because my hip was so sore!

I am not eating as I should be. I am craving grease in a big way. French fries, pizza, wings. I need to cut it out. I still have not gained any weight. A hop on the scale today showed a loss of another pound. I am not drinking as much water as I should be either, so I am working on that as well. I find these moments of bad eating do not last long, but it still leaves me feeling bad because I am not doing what is best. Ugh.

I am finally sleeping at night. Which is nice. I get up in the morning with Todd most days and just stay more naps. And my house is clean! I guess I should take pleasure in that while I can...

And now onto something that I find myself getting really annoyed with...
I have been reading various pregnancy journals here and there, and I found a few who were all thin and fit before pregnancy. They now have a baby belly, no fat, no nothin', just baby, and they whine about how they feel like a fat cow. I am sorry, but I want to smack these people.

I have battled with my weight problem for years. It is genetic, along with hormonal. I have had periods of bad eating, but I eat NO different than most people. It is just that because of the hormonal imbalances that I have, whatever I eat goes right to my gut, or my ass, or my arms..whatever. I do not process foods like you thin people do. Which is why I have always tried to eat right and exercise. I have a killer body under this weight. My muscle tone would put most people to shame.

So when I see some skinny ass bitching, I want to scream. You do not know how lucky you are..

And then...THEN...I read one gal who was all "I don't know how fat people have sex because my belly is so totally in the way"

GGRRRrrrr. I will tell you how us fat folks have sex...just like you do! I am not THAT big. I am big all over, but it is pretty proportional. I have never had a problem, any place, any..uh..position (god I hope my mother doesnt read this...) and any time. Now, I do know that really large people who have bellies that get in the way and stuff have issues, so maybe that is what she was thinking of. I just took offense because I am hormonal and considered obese, and it offended me a bit.

I wish these pregnant gals well. I won't be going back to read them just because I cannot NOT comment when they whine about being fat. Puh-lease...

The gals that I DO read (and many of them skinnies) are wonderful and I am happy that they choose to share in the experience. I am also glad that they don't make us larger gals feel like hogs.

I am doing my best (ok, minus the pizza binges) to keep my weight gain to under 15 pounds. At 4 months pregnant and no gain yet, I think I am doing pretty good!

And with that, I am off for an afternoon walk...

oh! One more thing...drano test tomorrow morning. !!!! This whole gender thing is driving me CRAZY. I really think I just want to ...not refer to the baby as 'it' anymore! That seems so impersonal, yah know?

I will post the results tomorrow.

p.s. This post was NOT intended to piss off thin pregnant women. I KNOW the problem is with me, and not them. I was just, my apologies if your skinny self is sitting there thinking "Hmmphh.Bitch" LOL

Congrats on your pregnancy! I really enjoy your blog. take care.
Ha ha..tell us how you really feel :). I like your honesty. I hope I'm not one of the girls getting on your nerves. I don't think I've said anything on my blog that would lead you to think I'm upset with the weight I've gained; I realize I've been lucky. Even being small, I also cannot stand to hear skinny people gripe about their weight, pregnant or not; I feel like it's them fishing for a complement.
Enjoy your pregnancy Jen. I know it's hard, but try not to worry about what all the other pregnant women are doing. Me, Bek, and G were pregnant at the same time and believe me, we didn't do anything the same. Pregnant or afterwards. Also, both of my pregnancies were totally different. I gained a good 28 pounds with Syd and only 13 with Davis. My pre-pregnancy weights for both were only 4-5 pounds apart. Not skinny at all to begin with. But still totally different in the end.
Enjoy this time Jen. Really. For me? As long as I wasn't drinking or smoking I was doing A.O.K.
I remember oh so well when Julie got bigger in my body, my hips seperated to accomodate her, and THAT was a dull pain for a good 2 months in the end. I used to love pushing her around inside my body. Like a little game.
Maybe thats why she has such a frikkin attitude now.
Where did my baby go?
HAH! They grow up too damn fast...

Wait til he/she is stuck way up in your ribs and you can't sit anymore....ain't that the joy. These are just the first pains of motherhood girl....and they get OH so much better!
all so true.

being a hog myself, lol, i gained 55 with justin and 23 with ryan. whoa. oh yeah, and i was still carrying around 20 pounds of justins weight when i got knocked up with ryan.

sexy, yes?

lol. please enjoy it. there aint nothing sexier than a pregnant womans body. that's the truth.
Girl, I gained over 45 lbs. with the first and over 50 lbs. with the second. GET OFF THE SCALE. The OB will keep you in check. Your body is going to put on what baby needs it to put on! :-)
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