Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Scare of my life....

We had our appointment with the new OB this morning. I woke up feeling slightly sickly, and I tried to choke down some fruit and water. We were the first appointment. I filled out all of the paperwork that they were supposed to send me in the mail last week, and then a lady came and got me. She weighed me (down 3 pounds...heh) and pricked my finger (I HATE that..) took my blood pressure and then made me pee in a cup.

After that, the Doc came right out to get us. We chatted for a bit, then she took us into an exam room. It took her 20 minutes to come back, and that sorta sucked. Anyway, she did an internal exam (weee!) and then broke out the doppler since we had never heard the heartbeat. She couldn't find it. Ugh. She said not to worry, as sometimes the baby is just behind the placenta. She told us to go out and wait in the seating area for an ultrasound. Fine. But then I heard her telling someone that she was concerned, because I went through the first 12 weeks with no morning sickness..and now I am sick and nauseated a lot. *blinks*

I tried to remain calm. Really I did. I wanted to throw up, and I had to reallllly talk myself out of a mini-panic attack. We had to wait almost an hour and a half! Finally she comes to get us. We go in, I hop up on the table, she puts the goo on my tummy, and there on the screen is our baby, wriggling around like a maniac. At first it looked like it didn't have legs, then it kicked them both out like a litte frog. It was punching and stretching and rolled over and we could see baby booty.

It took her awhile to get the heartbeat too, because of all of the movement, and the baby is indeed behind the placenta. She finally got it though, at 162 bpm.

It was the single most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I cannot get over it, at ALL. She printed out some pics for us, and I will post them here, but you cannot see its arms and legs because it WOULD NOT STAY STILL!

The next ultrasound will be around 20 weeks, at which point we can find out if it is a boy or a girl.

I have to say, that after hearing the heartbeat, and seeing an actual BABY in there, it is certainly a lot more real to me now.

Holy. sHIT. !!!

That top one, it looks like an alien! Just below the two hemispheres of the brain (the part at the top that looks like alien eyes) you can sorta see eyes, nose and mouth...
It has its legs pulled up in typical baby fashion in both pics, so it looks legless, and the arms, well, they are just little blurs. That baby did NOT stop moving around, no doubt caused by my stress. I feel sorta bad for stressing it out, but damn, I tried my hardest to remain was NOT easy.

I am just glad that it all turned out ok.


I was so excited about the ALIEN type pics, then when i got some real pics i oooooed and aaaaawed for like 3 weeks and didnt' stop staring at them.

wait til they actually LOOK like SOMEbody! it's amazing!!

:) congrats on your healthy bean!
Definitely starting to look like a baby and a whole lot less like a blob - how exciting! I'm so sorry for the scare. I've been there and making you wait an hour and a half might as well be 18 years at that point. But now look at the photos you'll have to stare at for the next 8 weeks. IT'S A BABY!!!!! :-)
Don't you just love getting to see baby?! I swear if I could afford one, I'd buy an ultrasound machine just like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. It's just reassuring to be able to see baby moving, especially before you can feel the movement.
i can see everything perfectly. what a beautiful little miracle you've got there! woo!!!!!!!
Glad everything is okay!
That's all pregnancy was for me...nine months of worrying and stressing out. I'm just weird like that though.
AN HOUR AND A HALF you had to wait!?!! That is pure torture! Glad it was worth the wait though!!!
I was scared right along with you and i was about to come to the office to be there with u all.. i was so glad to get the call from u...
My Niece/Nephew does not look like an alien...
Love u baby blob...
Love Auntie Lyn
I am in the prenatal development stage of child psych and i just learned that by approx the 17th week - 20th week one can put their head up to your belly and actually HEAR a heartbeat! That is fucking wild! Wish I'd have known half these things when I was prego.

Let's see 15 weeks, he/she has fingernails and toenails, and he head is about 1/4 of it's body! Eeek, that explains the ALIEN look!

Hiccups, thumb sucking and hair by 17 weeks (aweee)~ *giggles*
We want a picture of your belly along the way too.....

that would be so cute!
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