Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hello Second Trimester

Tomorrow I enter into my second trimester.
This absolutely blows my mind. A few weeks ago, time seemed as if it were standing still. Yet when I look back, it really has gone by quickly.

I don't feel pregnant, other than my boobs being a bit painful. The sleepiness and the crankiness, as well as the queasyness, has all disappeared. I have an odd craving here and there. We went out to eat the other day ( i cannot get enough Mexican food...) and Todd had a Margarita. I almost cried because I wanted one so badly!! NOT fair, that whole 'NO Alcohol' thing. *pouts*

All joking aside, I really have only craved ice cream and steak. I have indulged only slightly in the ice cream. Because I am overweight, I need to be careful with the weight gain. So far, I have not gained anything. I know that now I have to step up the calorie intake a bit, so I can expect to gain a bit from here on out. I just have to be careful and make smart food choices. I am all stocked up with fruits and veggies, whole grain goodies, and a host of other good stuff. I also need to up the exercise, which has been nil since all I did was sleep.

I am dying to know what this baby is. I want to know so badly. I really tried to just put it out of my mind. If ONE MORE person tells me about how 'back in the day we had no choice but to wait til birth' I am going to scream. This isn't 'back in the day" this is NOW and I want to know! Dammit.

I am also hoping that everything is as it should be. Things like spina bifida scare the shit out of me. I don't care what the sex is really, I just want this baby to have all its parts, and all in the right places and such.

I watched one of those shows on Discovery Health the other day about a baby born without a damned face. I don't know why I do that to myself. Gah. So I sit here and wonder, and hope that all is as it should be. After the last year that I have had, I do not think I could handle, no, wait. I KNOW I could NOT handle any sort of devastating news like that.

We have a Doc appointment on the 8th. I will be 13 and a half weeks at that time.
Wish me luck!! And send calming vibes for my nerves..please!

It must be normal to sit around and watch every devastating baby story on TV and listen to every person you meets tale of some person they barely know and the baby trauma they went through. I've heard so many bad things that others have gone through that even at almost 31 weeks I'm still scared something bad will happen. I would tell you not to think about it, but I know that's pointless. I can't wait to hear what you're having :).
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