Sunday, February 26, 2006

Drano test results

Well, the Drano test was performed this morning.

And it says girl. Which was my gut feeling. We know this isn't a sure way to determine gender, but we wanted to do it anyway! Our next ultrasound is still a few weeks away, so we just have to wait and see what happens then. But my money is on girl..

Out of curiosity, did you have Todd do the test too, to see what would happen?
LOL- what a nerd you are stacey...

Ummm, i was bettin' on a girl after you said that about your skin...but i would do it again in like 2 weeks, but at a different time of the day!
Ha ha...I've never heard of the Drano test. I looked on the ancient Chinese birth calendar for you too, and if you were 32 at conception and conceived in November, then it says girl too. It was right for me...but then again it always has a 50/50 chance :).
awww - im going to still have to pull for a boy, for my own personal reasons. lol!
Hooray for little girls!!!!!!!!
THAT's what I'm sayin'!
Girl stuff will give me lots of new things to photograph! ;-)
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