Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Week Nine

Today was our 3rd ultrasound. The Doc said everything looked great! And then he released me so that I can see a regular OB/GYN! I am so stoked.

The babys heartbeat today was 178 bpm. That is quite a jump, and it has everyone thinking that this baby is indeed a girl. More on that later....

We got to see it moving around in there. It was quite active. I was amazed. I cannot believe I have this life growing inside of me. Here is the latest ultrasound. I know it still looks like just a blob, but it is MY blob. LOL

Ok, so, I really wanted a boy. But really, I don't care as long as he or she is healthy. I did google the heartbeat thing, and it is different for everyone. Some people had girls when the heartbeat was high and some had boys. I am, as of this minute not going to concern myself with what it is anymore. I just want a healthy baby. We will find out in due time.


Oh good, you're going to find out.
Don't you just hate it when people opt not to? ;-)

Glad to hear everything is going well. You never get tired of seeing the blob or hearing it's little heartbeat.
awee...cute blob!! lol
i luv how they can decipher arm and leg buds and shit on that thing,...all i see is blobs. SHEESH! lol
umm, if they are gonna tell you the sex and you plan to paint a room on it, make sure you SEE It for yourself. Have them point that shit out to you.
see the comment on the other blog! ;)
dude - both of our boys? FASSSSST heart rates. just sayin. but we're jacked, according to the chinese chart anyways.
Hi and congratulations! Found your site by way of "dreamers like me"...fellow pregnant gal here too, cant wait to read about your continued journey to motherhood!

Oh, and the constipation doesnt get any better at 21 weeks along...as far as I can tell! =)
You know...I think the constipation has a lot to do with the prenatal vitamins they give you.

Just sayin', they changed mine twice cuz they were ADDING to my naseau, didn't know they had diff kinds of vitamins for pregnant chicks either.

Anywho...just something we have to deal with I suppose! The benefit is priceless and well worth it!
Well, during early pregnancy my baby's heartbeat was up there in the 180s too, but has since lowered a little to the 140s. They say it's normal. Everyone says below 150 means it's a boy...but I'm having a girl, so much for old wive's tales.
So I thought I'd read back in time, not sure if you have your comments emailed to your not so you may never see this. I never, ever would have guessed that you wanted a boy. From the time I started reading you seemed thrilled to be having a girl. I guess it's true, you're always happy with what you get!
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