Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Week 11

It is funny, but it just hit me that I am almost 4 months pregnant. Holy.Shit.

I am having tons of trouble sleeping at night. I just lay there awake, no matter how tired I am. It sucks. So, then I sleep all damned day the next day, which is way too unproductive for me. If I don't sleep the next day, I just feel like shit all day. Bah.

Other than that though, things are good. I actually feel better tonight than I have in a long time. I don't feel so wiped out. I even made dinner! Ok ok, so it was Hamburger Helper, whatever. I got off my ass and did something!! Yay for me. :O)

I am hoping that I can start sleeping at night and being productive during the day..cause this gets old.

I can feel the bump when I lay down and feel around in my gut. It is SO cool. I am not showing yet or anything, and I really thought I had gained some weight because most of my pants are fitting me differently as of late. So imagine my surprise when I got on the scale to see that I have not gained a damned thing!!

That is big news for me, seeing as I have to keep my TOTAL weight gain to about 15-20 pounds for the entire pregnancy. I have been eating pretty good. I bought these 7 grain crackers that I really thought were going to taste like shit. But when I had two today, I was pleasantly surprised. They were very..graham cracker-like, sweet. I really enjoyed them. And I need to be eating more grains. So I figure between that and the Kashi cereal I have, I should have it covered! I have been having a hard time with the veggies though..*gags*

I need to somehow up the veggie intake.

Anyway, that is all for now. I am tired..time for bed, and hopefully..sleep!!

Good luck keeping your weight gain to 15-20 pounds. I've still got about 11 weeks to go and I've gained almost thirty pounds...which I was a little underweight to begin with, but it still sounds like a lot.
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