Thursday, January 19, 2006

Week 10

Week 10 has been interesting. I have felt worse this week than any other so far. I have been getting a lot of headaches, and one of them even progressed into a migraine. That sucked. I have meds for them, but cannot take them while pregnant. So I just had to ride it out. It took almost 24 hours! Oy.

My face is breaking out like mad, the mood swings are still in full force and I still sleep a lot, which means I am not eating as I should, nor am I getting enough water. I have been trying to stay up more the last two days. But then when I DO sleep, the house could be destroyed with a wrecking ball and I would not know it. And the dreams! Omg the weirdness that goes on in my sleep. Whoooooboy!

Other than that, its good. When I lay down, I can feel the bump a few inches below my belly button. It makes me happy. :O)

So, I said I was not going to bother wondering about the sex of the baby. Yeahright.
I DO wonder. Every day. I want to know so bad. Hee. Still have a long way to go before we know that.

Time seems to be going so s l o w !!

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