Thursday, January 26, 2006

*POP* boing!


Just now...I was laying on the bed talking to Todd about his day. I was telling him how all day today I haven't been able to keep my underwear in place...they keep rolling down in the front (they are low cut)and so I reach down to pull my sweats down a bit to show him and his eyes pop out of his head. Then my hand found it. The bump is there don't have to feel around for it.

I am overweight (understatement of the year...*sigh*) and I knew it would take awhile before I would start to show. Well, at least I thought that is how it would be.

Even from just the other day, there is a big difference. You had to actually sorta push on my abdomen to feel it, now, it is right there. BOOM. And thus explains the underwear problem lol.

That SO made my day...

Don't you just love it? I could stare at my belly all day long....though I still want it to go away soon after she arrives :).
It took me between 3.5 and 4 months before my bump was visible. I'm overweight too, but I always had that below-the-belly-button belly, regardless of how thin I was. Lucky you!
Sorry, redid the math... Try 4 to 5 months...
i know what you mean; with justin i was about where you are. ryan was even sooner. surprising for a beast like me. lol
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