Tuesday, December 20, 2005

shock and awe :O)

The Doc said everything looks fine at this point. I am measuring in at 6 weeks 1 day. It is firmly implanted in a good spot in the ol' uterus. They did find a cyst near my cervix, but she said that is common...

I have a second ultrasound on December 29th, to make sure the bean is growing as it should. They are going to follow me through my first trimester, to make sure all is well before releasing me to an ob/gyn.

We could see its little heart beating.

I am in total awe of what is happening to us.

And I wish that people realized what miracles each and every one of us are. Maybe the world would be a better place?

Nap time...

CONGRATULATIONS! I know you must be bouncing off the walls with excitement! Seeing the heartbeat for the first time is truly breathtaking. Hoo-Rah for miracles!!!!
I'm tearing up right now. I'm so happy for you guys. Congratulations and I swear, I'll be on pins and needles all the way through. What is your due date?
Aaaaack -- I hadn't heard from you yet so I started digging around first chance I got to see how things went. Sooooooo excited for you! (I had a cyst my first pregnancy, too -- don't worry 'bout it.)


Isn't seeing that heartbeat a complete life-changing experience?
I had my fibroid and im goos.. im so happy for u all!!!
damn thats itty bitty...lol
talk about a bean!
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