Saturday, August 20, 2005

Nothing New

Things are sort of on hold, as the hubby had to have neck surgery last week. He is on the mend...but I don't think we should partake in the nookie festivites with any sort of frequency. I would hate for him to end up with a crooked head because I, you know...jarred him or something! Hah.

Right. So anyway. I need to get to the Docs for some blood work, but it needs to be coordinated with my period. I got my period the night that Hubby had his surgery, which was a Friday night, so there was nothing I could really do. They wanted me in there on Day 3 of my cycle, but I am supposed to call two days ahead of time....

Bah. So I will try again next month. We also have to get Hubby's swimmers tested. And I don't think he THAT just yet. Again with the crookedness, you know? LOL

Ok, so I totally should not be joking about that...

I will joke and say that being somewhat nookie-less, after getting it all the damned time SUCKS. I will be glad when he is all healed up!!

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